I didn't have any financial  help in my journey toward's becoming a real estate developer.  I was fortunate to work for two great developer's and learn some key skills that allowed me to start on my own.  I started with a Dream , My Brain and $1,000.00 . 

Now I want to pay it forward and help anyone out there that also wants to become a "Billionaire Land Developer" ! 

Luis "Anthony" Rios is the author of the successful book "Billionaire Land Developer" in the Making.

This site is dedicated to supporting aspiring or current developers accomplishing their professional dreams.  

Luis started his real estate career 21 years ago with Sperry Van Ness. Later transitioned into acquisitions for Global Premier in Southern California.

He decided to join HP Capital Investments because it’s a family office, which offers his clients an efficient and hassle-free manner in selling their properties while paying no commission and making no repairs.

Luis is now focused on finding Tax Deed Acquisition opportunities for Castler Acquisitions LLC.

He advises individuals and companies on real estate development while pursuing new development projects for his own account.


I was born in the 80's and have always had real estate in my heart.  Working for several developer's and seeing how one can create a positive local economy's with each project was huge for me . Do great for your community and make a profit ! 


Once you purchase my book you will have access to my private number.  I encourage you to reach out and let me support you on your real estate development journey !