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Luis "Anthony" Rios

Recommended Sites.


1. John McNellis: Making it In Real Estate 


2. MJ Demarko:  Unscripted

​3. Dr. David J. Schwartz  : The Magic of Thinking Big

4. Ken Mcelroy


1.  Real Data :

2. Adventures in CRE:

3. Rehab Evaluator :​


1. Urban Land Institute : 

2. CCIM   :


1.  Real Estate Development Modeling

2. Real Estate Development Intro

3. Rotty Rehab


John McNellis

Starting Your Real Estate Development Firm

Real Estate Development: No Partners, No Problem

Making It Big 

Real Estate’s Road to Riches

Exploring Real Estate’s Hardest Decision: 

Sell vs. Hold​

Making It in Real Estate: Buying It Right